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Yoga with Balance - Class Types

Gentle Yoga (60 minutes)

$16 drop-in  |  $78/ 5-class pack  |  $145 / 10-class pack  |  

New to yoga?  Feeling intimidated by the idea of starting yoga?  Have particular challenges that may limit you, or just want a refresher on the essentials?

  Gentle Yoga classes are designed to break down each movement, and ensure we're starting from a stable and functional base.   Classes are designed to teach the basics of Hatha-style yoga - creating a strong, safe foundation to explore your practice from. 

Tuesdays 9am (Jessica)   

Hatha Bliss (60 minutes)

$16 drop-in  |  $78/ 5-class pack  |  $145 / 10-class pack  |  

Hatha yoga combines all the numerous benefits of yoga: increased strength, flexibility, & balance, as well as vast mental & emotional benefits.

The 1st portion of our Hatha Bliss class combines all these in a slightly faster-paced setting, designed to be a bit more of a "workout". Then, each class winds down with a few yin-style poses, designed to calm the body & mind, culminating in a wonderful "let-go" experience.

This class is designed to be a balance of both challenge & relaxation for students of all levels & abilities.

Thursdays 7:30pm (Caroline/Tanya/Theresa)

Private Sessions:  One-on-One (60 minutes)


  Private, one-on-one sessions allow the time and space to effectively address any specific goals or challenges (eg injury recovery/rehab, poor balance) you may have.

  Lesson plans are created and specialized by Jessica, for you, for that week - so whether it's been a tough week, and you need to simply relax, or that low back has really been bothering you - a private session may be just what you need.

Common reasons for choosing a private session:

  • Wanting to address or manage a specific challenge(s) or condition(s) -  poor balance; specific injury; headaches; insomnia; low back pain; fibromyalgia; anxiety; etc.

  • Feeling the need for an individualized lesson plan focusing on your own particular goals (for example, as part of a training plan for a 5k/10k race, triathalon; wanting to increase stability/mobility/flexibility; etc).

  • Because you just want the privacy and attention offered by a private session!